Professional Member Prospectus

The Sustainability Practitioners Network (SPN) is a not for profit, membership based organisation created to increase the development of sustainable homes and communities, by providing a hub for networking, education and collaboration. Specifically:

  • Facilitating events and creating resources that educate, inspire and connect members
  • Facilitating the development of sustainable housing and infrastructure.
  • Providing an online education and professional connection/access hub.

One of the key barriers we have identified that limits the uptake of sustainable development design and construction, is that consumers lack the understanding of what products and services are available. We hope to address this by not only providing consumers with opportunities to learn about sustainable development but by also providing them with a directory of reputable sustainable development professionals. A one stop shop for finding the right people that will help them. To this end we have a Professional Membership that provides the benefit of having the member’s products or services promoted on the SPN website and at SPN events.

SPN conducts a number of events throughout the year including workshops, social get togethers and tours. We hold a ‘Future Homes’ Expo at the start of December where our Professional Members can showcase their products and services.

To be eligible for Professional Membership a person will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be invited to join by an existing Professional member and their membership needs to be approved by the Board;
  • Pay the annual subscription fee of $364.00
  • Subscribe to the SPN newsletter, and;
  • Contribute to the development of homes that are cheap to keep comfortable, can reduce social isolation and be close to work and community.

Members of SPN will also be entitled to:

  • Have one vote at general and other SPN meetings and receive proper notice of meetings
  • Serve on a committee or run for a position on the board of directors
  • Participate in SPNs operations and governance
  • Raise concerns or issues it identifies with SPN
  • Receive information about SPN’s financial status and other important processes or decisions (e.g. resolutions).

All Members of SPN have a responsibility to:

  • Participate in the governance of SPN through attendance of general meeting, voting on decisions, asking questions, and participating on boards and committees
  • Support the mission, vision, and goals of SPN
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of SPN set out in the organisational documents and created by the board
  • Support SPN’s operations by using its services or contributing to the delivery of services
  • Learn more about SPN’s operations and organisational capacity
  • Support the capitalisation of SPN by making a financial contribution

Professional Members have a responsibility to:

  • Provide a head shot, bio and links to their website and/or social media for inclusion on the SPN Website
  • Provide an article on their topic of expertise that can be included in the monthly SPN Newsletter.

SPN’s obligations to its members are to:

  • Provide notice of meetings and information on ways that I can participate in the SPNs governance
  • Maintain a transparent and efficient system of decision-making that is inclusive of the membership and supportive of the mission and vision of SPN
  • Conduct business, through the board or staff, that is in the best interest of SPN and its members
  • Use member financial contributions effectively and responsibly.

All of the responsibilities, entitlements and obligations of SPN and its members are contained within the governing Rules.  A copy of the Rules can be downloaded here.

To apply to become a Professional Member complete the online application form. Your application will then be considered at the next Board meeting and you will be notified shortly thereafter of the outcome, and requested to pay the annual membership fee.

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