Sustainability Practitioners Network

We are a co-operative of people who are passionate about addressing the environmental, economic and social issues that are currently impacting the world.

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We are a group of built environment professionals and practitioners
co-operating to make a positive change.


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We bring people together so they can educate, inspire and support each other on their journey to create a more sustainable world.

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We provide places both in person and online for people to learn and share knowledge.

Housing is broken. The Sustainability Practioners Network knows homes can be cheap to keep comfortable, reduce social isolation and be close to work and community. We have gathered the expertise to create homes that provide a richer quality of life.

The Sustainability Practitioners Network (SPN) provides Local Governments, land owners, developers and designers with an opportunity to work with some of WA’s leading sustainability practitioners who are creating world class examples of infill development and important resources to up skill the community and Local Government to facilitate the uptake of these important ideas.       

The SPN will inspire and empower the community to make real and powerful changes to the way we shape the built environment.

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