Melinda Marshall

Town Planner

What is your background?

I started out my working career in office and business management and have managed a variety of different types of businesses over the years, including a jewellery shop, where I also did sales. I went back to school as a mature age student to undertake a Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning and have worked as a planner for government and private companies for the last.

What are you doing presently?

Presently I have two jobs. I run my own town planning consultancy called Co-creation Solutions where I try to focus on assisting landowners with the design and approval of sustainable infill projects. I also work part time for a not for profit community housing provider that specialises in housing co-operatives as their Operations Manager.

What is your vision and where would you like to make a difference?

I would like to help address the housing affordability issue we have in Australia and the growing inequality that is a result of more people becoming lifelong renters. I believe one way is to build smaller, energy efficient and community orientated housing that retains our urban tree canopy as this will reduce not only upfront price but also running costs. This style of housing will also help to address climate change and some of the health issues impacting society.

What is something about you outside your career that people might not expect?

I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and are handy with tools. So much so that my partner and I constructed the home we are currently living in, where we did everything except the slab, plumbing and electrics.

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