Mariana Silva

Founder - Impact Project

What is your background?

Originally from Brazil, I am an Architect and Urbanist by formation. I moved to Australia in 2017 aiming to learn English (still learning) and live new experiences! 

Over the past years, I have developed a great interest in sustainability, which led me to create my own project focused on sharing knowledge and advice on how to lead a more sustainable life.

What are you doing presently?

Currently I’m being an entrepreneur, running my own project trying to provide sustainable services around Perth and turn it into a business!

What is your vision and where would you like to make a difference?

I truly believe that we as individuals of a society, have the power to take care of nature for the present and future generations. We definitely need to act due to the current situation, but to do that, we need to share and spread the word about it! That’s why I have decided to create a project and I’ll keep on fighting for it! I was very glad to join Sustainability Practitioners Network because that’s the right to place to make a difference that our nature needs.

What is something about you outside your career that people might not expect?

Coming from a very footballistic country, I have played soccer since I was 7 years old. I have always loved practicing the sport, especially when dribbling other players and scoring goals!

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