Arifin Iriks

Building Designer

What is your background?

I started out my working career designing and building large sculptures, namely life size dinosaur replicas from fiberglass, steel and cement. Following this I spent some four years working in the construction industry as a finishing carpenter before eventually making the decision to embark on a career in Architecture and chose a degree at UWA. 

What are you doing presently?

Presently I am self employed and run a building design and documentation business with a focus on solar passive and sustainable design in residential infill projects and multi residential developments.

What is your vision and where would you like to make a difference?

My vision is to see a transformation in the built form in Western Australia that involves a paradigm shift towards a new way of thinking about homes, communities and connections between them. I would like to make a difference in this space by disrupting the status quo and leading the way through design and education towards built environments that encourage community and relationship and allow green space and the natural environment to cohabit the same spaces. At the same time using materials that are sustainable for the planet and creating homes and spaces that improve mental health and wellbeing through good solar passive and environmentally sensitive design.

What is something about you outside your career that people might not expect?

I come from a very large family by today’s standards with a total of thirteen siblings, four from my Dads first marriage and nine with my Mum. I am number three from batch two, Seventh in total. When I was a teenager we had a band together with six of the siblings.

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